Reden om geen reden te geven

Reason for not giving a reason

Reason for not giving a reason

So many people, so many wishes.
Well, we know that now.

But what is it that drives people to do what they do?
There is a reason for that.

Now the main question is, what is the reason behind it?
And often the answer is "yes, just".
But "just plain" is not a reason, so tell me, what is the reason?
the answer is often: "yes, uhh because I think so".

This makes me think about why people don't want to or can't give a reason.
If you literally ask this, the answer is: "I have my reasons".
What can be a reason for not giving a reason?
That is actually the key question.

Apparently they don't know what to say.
But is that a valid reason? No!

Next time when you do something, first think about it.
Because who knows, people may be asked for a reason.