Ontmoetingen kunnen leuk zijn.

Encounters can be fun.

Encounters can be fun.

In my life I meet enough people.
One for very short, and the other for almost a lifetime.
And sometimes you have that feeling there, is this someone I would like to get to know better?
or is this someone I want to have a very nice friendship with?

I used to meet enough people in my birthplace Rotterdam.
I have lost sight of many. You know it, from those people you temporarily know as if it should be.
Some are stuck.
So I still have some friends, acquaintances, and some "acquaintances" living in Rotterdam.
Of course also family, but this writing is not about that.

You meet people who make an impression on you.
But that is also how you meet people who are good to meet at that moment.

But what if it is disappointing?
And above all, what if you really want to get to know someone better?

If it is disappointing, you almost immediately renounce it.
This does not mean that it has not been good to meet someone.
This way a person can be very instructive at that moment.

But above all that someone wants to get to know better.
That's one thing.
I have had this a few times in my life.
This is because someone has an interesting thought, or is simply very funny.

So I once met (to be precise in May / June 2016) someone.
I still know it like yesterday, and strangely enough this person stays in my mind almost daily.
In fact, then you go to sleep, consciousness goes away completely, you can no longer send anything, and then .........
Then you suddenly dream about that person.
I would go swimming, but had forgotten the swim pass. To put it mildly, that was not very smart.
But that did cause a very nice encounter.
I like a completely beautiful appearance and ... Gosh, uhhh, I want to go swimming but well .. stupid stupid.
Well, it's already clear, go ahead and hear.

The eyes appealed to me, the friendliness clearly came across and ... I'm just going to swim.
Later that day I went back again.
I spoke to this person again because, yes, why?
This person reminded me of everything, and made me feel everything.
This by just a simple chat. you probably know it.
I want to get to know this person. that was clear.
But no matter how nice it was for a while, no matter how quickly people talked, and how nice this person thought I was,
It stopped there.
What people around this person knew enough.
For example, I heard a name, age, even place of residence, but this person didn't tell me that.
In fact, I asked about it once more, to give what I had been given a form of confirmation.
But, no ........ little answer.

But we have social media there.
If you have already heard a few things from this person, and also from the people around them,
then a simple search is done in no time.
You search for the data you have, name, age, and even place of residence that the people in the vicinity of this person have told you.
Gosh, twitter, facebook, even instagram, and if that is not enough, also have your own website.
Well, let's be social, just follow on twitter. What is social media different for ?!

I just wanted to get to know this person better, but the day after that was punished.
The people in the area appeal to me, and the person himself is not to be found in any fields or roads.
Well, did they appeal to me? they almost eaten me up !!!! and why? Hey? isn't it SOCIAL media ?!

And then you think, will I contact Facebook for example?
Well no.
Back then, the social media story was also not a success, so that will now undoubtedly also lead to noise.
Just explain that I was interested in the person, because maybe I was misunderstood ?!
The threshold is very high.

The ones who shouted the loudest that I had searched all over the internet (while this was not the case) were the ones who told me everything, even the place of residence.
Friendship, that alone would have been nice, because .... pffff I don't even feel like typing this out completely anymore.
I will soon be seen as a hopeless case.
Well, people often misunderstand me, and I don't care anymore.

And still today, today, I sometimes think of this person.
But the most bizarre thing is, if I don't think about it, there is something that makes me think about it, such as a dream, for example.

And then I wonder,
If someone else does not want to know you, even offers resistance, why does such a person remain so close?
And what good was the encounter?
It wasn't educational, because I still do it that way, but that's pretty normal.
Was it then .... well, and that's how it all goes through your head, but the person himself, nope .......
What good was it then? and what is the point of even dreaming about it?

Perhaps the answer is never something I will get.
Perhaps the answer is unimportant,
But for me it's still a mystery.
Or has that been the goal? Mysterious person I know the name of but can't otherwise know ........

Because this person has a website, I sometimes read it after this person has been in my mind again.
And yet I don't understand some things.
If I am out of the picture, and a message follows three days after my departure, why does it seem suspiciously similar to me?
Because that is how it seems that I am "awkward and scary".
I will certainly imagine it, call me crazy, but I will not understand how hard I try.
I cannot forget, because you cannot steer dreams.
And then when I'm busy creating websites or driving, even then this person sometimes haunts my head.

But what is the purpose of that ?!

in year 2020 i did compose a musicpiece.
No commercial what so ever, just the feeling.

Here you can listen to this piece of music