De excuus kut

The excuse bitch

The excuse bitch

All my life I have heard excuses.
One even crazier than the other.
Whether it was work: the train had a nice tire
whether it was about I could not, I am not allowed to even I do not have the time, to say actually, I just do not want.

But the most striking are:

You have such beautiful eyes, I could drown in it. But no you are not my type.
You have such a sweet character, you are also ready for everyone, but no you are not my type.
And the most heard:
You have such a nice, heavy, sultry voice, it even makes me wet, but no, you're not my type.

From those weird excuses to keep someone from themselves.

The weirdest thing is,
Your eyes are really beautiful, your voice drives me crazy, your bald head adorns you, you're so witty, you're so funny, you're so tender, I think you're a tiger, Your character is really super sweet,
But no you are not my type, I would never want to do anything with you or for once.

and as if it is not enough,
You make me crazy. You run my head.
Your heavy voice makes me float
Your eyes make me blush,
But I think you're scary!

Dear Dear Dear people.
But it means that everything you said before HE-LE-MAAL has no value.
Learn that crazy excuse cunt.