Ik ben een mens!

i am human!

i am human!

Everyone does it sometimes.
have a high or low expectation from someone.
Likewise prejudices, that is so nice and easy.
And yes, I am also guilty of that, I am also just a human being.

And then I look at myself.
How I keep spitting prejudices and stupid expectations in my face.

Do you have to imagine my life, what I look like, what I am like, and especially how someone else always sees this as wrong.
In my case:
You have a bald head.
You have a ring beard.
You have clear blue eyes, the eyes of which lie deep down in the eye sockets.
You have eyebrows like brushes, (no not walk through)
You have a belly (no, not mud fat)
Well, and a set of teeth that have been screwed up by poor mouth resistance. (where I can do NOTHING)
When it comes to clothing, you often dress darkly
I am only talking about external characteristics.

Furthermore, you talk fairly nicely,
Your vocabulary in Dutch and English is also good,
You are witty and quick in your statements,
You are always polite, talk to you,
Are never really grumpy,
You look at someone nicely while talking,
Those are the things you do.

And then you have to remember that people are walking around you because they are afraid of you.
Afraid that you are aggressive, Afraid that you are a criminal,
Afraid you will do anything to them.

I am a loving person in character,
i am ready for almost everyone,
i am always open for a chat,
Yes my emotions are not always visible, but I am certainly not made of stone.
I am honest, open and direct.
I will never lie, honesty is the most important thing to me.

Yet I am still seen as ..........
a dangerous liar who would be able to kill someone right away without any reason,
which might still be a stalker, rapist, aggressor, or even dealer of prohibited drugs.
Someone who is a person on the street that you have to watch out for and not say goodbye, because imagine that I would suddenly fly in because you say goodbye,
Someone who is single for life, and above all who will never know what love is because I will probably not be open to that.

But now the reality.
I am a sweet gentle man, who is a father, who has a fantastic relationship,
In short, house, tree, animal.
Just doing my job nicely, and actually always happy and kidding.
Someone who has a big heart and is ready for almost everyone,

Someone who, when he sees a nice lady, simply says this or shows it clearly,
But you still have a relationship? Yes correct!
That doesn't mean that I don't like anything.
In fact, we have our agreements in our beautiful lives,
and that means that if that happens, I may have a "nice" evening with someone else.

So am I really the stereotype of being aso?
Am I really the stereotype of dangerous?
Am I made of stone?
I'm just who I am, and if you don't want to get to know me, don't prejudice.
I am not scary or an unfortunate person, I am not a criminal!

I am just a person, a person that you judge only on the basis of ........... yes of which actually ?!