Frisse moed, ouwe hekel.

Fresh courage, old hate.

Fresh courage, old hate.

Every day you have those moments.
You don't know what to do or can do.
Just get away from it that doesn't work.
Even if you just want to get around reality, the harder it hits back.

A different one every day,
A new one every day
New day New chances,
But every day looks like the previous one.
The only difference is the date and time.

My daughter is getting older,
smarter, more mobile and full of surprises.
The other half of me is also getting older,
and also says: a new one every day.

I'm getting older,
every day the same,
a new date every day, but otherwise it stays that way.
A new fight every day,
but also more beautiful.
The pros and cons often do not outweigh each other.

A new one every day
Fresh courage, old hate.
every day trying to move on,
but many new days without success.

Depending on some,
but true to yourself.
The one has the best for you,
The other says it, but doesn't have it.

Continue to the future.
A new one every day
fresh courage old hate,
But now with a little light.
Training for new securities,
but with worries from then.

This day an expression,
an expression of feeling.
fresh courage, old hate,
do you know what i mean ?!