Het leven als een duikboot

Life as a submarine

Life as a submarine

Life is full of beautiful things.
invisible below the surface as it is.
you always go deeper but always keep on sailing.
Then you notice that you are having a hard time.
You get too little air.
You show yourself for a moment, and then you go back.

Life as a dive boat.
effective as she is.
you can do anything in life.
Food, exercise, work, entertain, and everything else.
Similarly in a submarine that goes up and down.
From lows, highs, as needed,
and sometimes you do something wrong and you have pain.

Then you meet someone,
your own submarine from that one,
is it friendly or is it an enemy?
do I release a torpedo or do we continue together?
let me first have a look and then introduce myself.

life as a dive boat striking when needed,
but often not visible and certainly not superfluous.
because every dive boat matters no matter how lame it is.
Because when the dive boat is gone, there is a lack.

Let all submarines go together.
after all they are the same.
the only difference is the load it carries.
but it remains the steel thing, which carries what is needed.

in that light there are no enemy submarines.
but all the same, with only the difference inside.

The submarine will now continue.
he goes his own way.
let others sail and do not get in the way.
because there is enough space, the ocean is spacious and deep.
leave a place for someone else if you ever see it.
because submarines remain handy because you can't do without.
especially if it is your life because without it, there is nothing.