Het onbegrijpelijke tegenovergestelde

The incomprehensible opposite

The incomprehensible opposite

Why people are so difficult in life?
Everyone thinks everything is self-explanatory, but complains about how it should go.
Look at yourself!
because how far do you go in the incomprehensible opposite?
and why are you complaining if you do this yourself?

Want somebody to have something,
But never give it.

Be against discrimination,
But convincing dissenters that you`re right.

Preferably wanted to be found in love,
But play hard to get.

You want to expose yourself as you are,
But hide under make-up and too much clothing.

Want to be close to a person,
But keep a big distance.

Prefer to show how beautiful you are,
But show the ugliest of yourself.

Hate being bullied,
But being a bully yourself so you won`t be bullied.

Want to work, want to be social and have something to do,
But stay depressed and isolated at home behind your (gaming) computer.

Want to enjoy life,
But (want to) commit suicide.

Explore the world,
But only dream about it at home.

Be against filth and messiness,
But never clean or clean up yourself.

Complaining about false tones,
But never sing in tune yourself.

I can mention many examples.
However, it seems to me that, besides unnecessary, this is also a waste of time.
My idea is, do what you mean, and mean what you do.
Or do you really want to stay busy with the incomprehensible opposite?