at four o'clock the alarm goes off again.

Sleep means rest,
But rest is not always sleep.
And what if you can't fall asleep?
then they say you are restless.
Once in bed, involuntarily keep.....

Short and very powerful

this is totaly in dutch.
it was about a book i wanted to write.
but, it is in dutch.


The Dutch acidity is increased.

Let's start with something nice first.

I used to come to a neighbour's house all the time.
and every time I came to this woman,
then I.....

Food, History, good choice, and vegan morons.

Food, this is literally vital.
and the Neanderthals knew that, too.
They went hunting to catch and slaughter their meat or fish.

In history there.....

imposed logic VS my logic

(NOTE: before you start reading,
The first part of this post, is about the dutch language, and doesn`t make sence in english, but after a while it .....

My first Christmas all alone, and that is quite depressing.

This story in Dutch

For many years I have said that Christmas is not really my thing.
What do you .....

Reason for not giving a reason

So many people, so many wishes.
Well, we know that now.

But what is it that drives people to do what they do?
There is a reason for that.

Now .....

Under protest!

(In het Nederlands: Click here!)

The whole country is under protest!

Everyone protests for thei.....

The incomprehensible opposite

Why people are so difficult in life?
Everyone thinks everything is self-explanatory, but complains about how it should go.
Look at yourself!

Life as a submarine

Life is full of beautiful things.
invisible below the surface as it is.
you always go deeper but always keep on sailing.
Then you notice that you.....

My first time

It was my first time.
After I put so much effort and energy into it,
was it that time. finally I was allowed to do it.

It was a little awkward .....

The foolishness itself

In every house we sometimes have a great moment.
Were it not for the fact that a stupid moment is not permanent.
But where does the bastard company .....

Fresh courage, old hate.

Every day you have those moments.
You don't know what to do or can do.
Just get away from it that doesn't work.
Even if you just want to get arou.....

i am human!

Everyone does it sometimes.
have a high or low expectation from someone.
Likewise prejudices, that is so nice and easy.
And yes, I am also guilty.....

The excuse bitch

All my life I have heard excuses.
One even crazier than the other.
Whether it was work: the train had a nice tire
whether it was about I could not,.....

Encounters can be fun.

In my life I meet enough people.
One for very short, and the other for almost a lifetime.
And sometimes you have that feeling there, is this someo.....

My first message on my website

I mainly want to use my first message on my website to thank you.
Because that is how you take the trouble to look at my website, and that is worthy .....